Masters Fashion Watch: Worst Use of a Red/Pink Shirt on the Putting Surface

Monday, April 14, 2008

Two weeks from now my fraternity is having an alumni golf tournament and in order to play well I think you need to dress well. So I'm going to keep a pulse on the premier fashion statements from the Masters so that I can replicate them in a few weeks in hopes that I play like a golfer who doesn't completely suck. Although I won't be wearing Light Pink or Bright Pink Pants. Check Out the Other Recaps: Thursday, Friday

I know Tiger will only wear Red on sunday but A) Is that shirt red or is it pink? and B) Shouldn't he switch to a comeback color shirt. In all of the majors he has won in his entire career he has been in the lead. Not always the sole leader but always with at least a possession of the lead. That means that never has he made a comeback charge on the weekend. I think it's time for a come back outfit consisting of perhaps something a little less conservative. How about a pair of Red Pants? It still gives you red. But it's different. It's time the greatest golfer of all time makes a god damn charge from behind on a Sunday at a major, instead of missing five foot putts like below.

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