Bobby Abreu is Leaking Fluids From His Groin

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why Bobby are you such a complete pussy? You weren't even running hard if you hit the wall it wouldn't have hurt. I just don't understand your fear of a highly padded wall that doesn't even come up to your shoulder.

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I dont get how wang does it, but all he does is get guys out and win. I mean watching that 2-hitter that easily could have been a no-no i still wasnt impressed 3ks and 14 fly ball outs from a supposed ground ball/sinker baller. The sox consistently hit the ball harder than the yankees all night too. Wang is either extremely lucky or he has some skill of having guys hit it right at his fielders. I mean his stuff his pretty good he gets it up to 95 and throws a heavy sinker, I supposed he lacks a swing and miss pitch but can consistently induce weak contact with all his pitches and throws strikes, its still not your prototypical perennial 20-W threat pitcher

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