Yankees Waste of Oxygen Award

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Yankees haven't been terrible this season but this is in spite of the below contestants who have done their best in attempting to foil the Yankees season.

1. Jason Giambi - He sucks in the field he's got greasy hair he strikes out all the time he gets paid a shit ton and he can't hit a baseball much anymore. Plus there is the general dislike many have for him given the fact he was a complete product of steroid abuse.

2. Robinson Cano - He struggles during the cold months every year, but .160? Seriously .160? You can't even get a hit in 2 at bats given 10? In the powerhouse Yankees lineup Cano has yet to reach double digits in either RBI or Runs scored.

3. Ian Kennedy - I don't think too much was expected from Ian Kennedy other than an ERA around 4 and a .500 record. Well try an ERA double what was expected and a record without any wins and that's what Kennedy has given to the the Yanks thus far this season.

4. Phil Hughes - And then there's Phil Hughes who may soon be diagnosed as allergic to the strike zone. He actually has a worse ERA than Kennedy, a flat run per inning pitched, and has double the amount of losses as Ian, 4 compared to 2. His WHIP sits over 2 meaning he loves pitching out of the stretch.

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Runners Up:
Betemit for somehow going on the DL due to pink eye. Joe Girardi for allowing Mike Mussina to throw strikes to Manny, Bobby Abreu for leaking vaginal fluids near the wall

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