Pop Goes the Season?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Certainly it would be a brash to say that after two games this season the Mets are screwed because of Pedro's Hammy Pop but it's not a reach to say that this makes their post season chances significantly more questionable. As of now we do not know the full extent of Pedro's injury nor the given amount of time he will be sidelined, but for these here purposes let's assume near the worst and use Phil Hughes as a guideline. Hughes last season left his no hit bid with a hamstring strain and then went on to miss 3 months.

So if Pedro is gone for 3 months of the season, just where will the Mets go? Will the Mets be worse than last season? The simple answer is no, not really. They didn't have Pedro at all last season and this year they have Johan Santana. They're still a better team. So if Pedro, whom I named the Mets Key Player, is out for 3 months whom will be the new key Mets? I believe the pressure will now fall firmly on Mike Pelfrey's shoulders. Last season he wasn't ready and was eventually sent down. This season he won the 5th spot mostly because El Duque started the season on the DL. Now Pelfrey could potentially be in the rotation for a long time. At the very worst Pelfrey must transfrom himself into a .500 pitcher. Without their #2 starter the Mets need Pelfrey to better than average #5 starter to make up for the wins Peetey will be leaving on the DL.

With all that being said and even without Pedro, I still think the Mets have the best team in the NL East, and will still win the division even if he does miss 3 months.

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Pedro being sidelined for a month, with a non-arm injury, would probably benefit the mets down the stretch b/c lets face it he only has so many bullets left in that arm so limiting his innings isn't the worst thing. Plus even with Pedro out the mets probably still have the best rotation in the NL East

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