2 People, 2 Teams, 2 Brackets and Ten Grand of Rooting Interest

Monday, April 07, 2008

Every year it comes down to one day and one matchup for all the marbles. In every pool in American tonights game will decide the winner of the cash. For me, with a Memphis victory I shall take home around $200 bones, which is a nice bonus for a weekend trip to Fenway. But for 2 people there's much more riding on tonights game. A chance at 10 grand is at stake for two people all on the basis of filling out a free bracket for the fun of it. If Kansas wins then the current leader InsanePIV shall be given a nice 10,000 check from ESPN. If Memphis wins than Fantavet currently tied for fifth place will leap over the rest of the competition and take home 10,000 gs. Talk about a rooting interest.

So what would you do if put in this situation? Would you go out and buy as much KU or Memphis apparel as possible and deck yourself out for the game? Would you get so nervous that you refuse to watch? Would you just watch the game like any other? Would you get so damn excited at the prospect of money that you would just go out and by yourself a new Hi-Def tv? Or would you just go the safe route and put a 5K Hedge Bet on the team you have losing and thus guaranteeing yourself around 5K of winnings?

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The answer is the 5K hedge bet.

There was a teacher from Worcester that last year put $500 on the Past going 19-0 while out in Vegas before all of their offseason aqcuisitions at 10,000:1 odds for a $5,000,000.00 pay out. Before the Super Bowl, the casino called him up and offered him $3 million to clear his potential bet off of the boards.

Instead, he took out a loan for $1,000,000 and change in order to bet the Giants on the money line thus guaranteeing himself $4,000,000 regardless who won.

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Hedge the bet!

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