Someone Smashed D'Antoni and Gave Him Brain Damage

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Before the night was over and D'Antoni had left San Antonio after his Phoenix team was eliminated from the playoffs the word was out, he will no longer be the Phoenix coach. It's pretty obvious that if he is going to leave that job he must not think the GM/President and Ownership have full confidence in him and chances are good that the Shaq deal pissed him the hell off. He wants out, he wants a fresh start and he'll let the Suns attempt to develop a half court game with Nash and Shaq, his leaving is understandable. His run and shoot window is over. But how the hell even in that situation could you possibly leave to take the Knicks job.

Can someone get Mike to a hospital please. Someone obviously took a big spill at some point in time this weekend. How exactly would Mike's offense turn the Knicks around? Perhaps I'm missing where the Steve Nash clone is on the Knicks. Perhaps I'm missing how Eddy Curry is going to run the floor any better than Shaq. Perhaps, I'm missing who can be the defensive stopper on the Knicks like Raja Bell. Perhaps, I'm missing how the Knicks have any chance of being successful in the next few seasons.

Actually, I'm not missing anything here. The Knicks suck, they will suck next year, and the year after that. They have no chance of immediately turning it around. Mike, please get checked out before you make a huge mistake.

Note: Mike's Family, please send him to the Chicago for an interview with the Bulls in the chance he gets an interview with the Knicks

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