Taggart's in the Final Four... Where are You?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

So I spent the last few minutes searching for info on Memphis F/C Shawn Taggart and stumbled across this little article from the Iowa St. paper. Anyway the author makes the case that that when Taggart transferred from Iowa St. it was addition by subtraction.

Anyway, I just found that quite humurous. I guess Iowa St. does not need near 7 foot athletes who can shoot .360% from three and be a solid contributor to a final 4 team. Why would they need that with their 14-18 record?

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That's a hoot. I live in Memphis and I've seen this team play a lot of games. Taggert has improved over the course of the season and he's become an integral part of this team.

MoonDog said...
8:54 AM  

Obscure reference, Taggart from Beverly Hills Cop

Bob Kraft said...
11:35 AM  

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