Kenyatta You're At A Club Not ATO

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kenyatta I understand you are a large 300 lb former New England Patriot but in just about every single circumstance it is unacceptable to urinate on the dance room floor. I'm assuming that at this club there was a very large bathroom with several urinals, and if you really need to piss yand all the urinals were taken than you could have just lifted one of the guys who was already pissing up and moved him. And then taken his urinal.

Now if you were at ATO I would completely understand given there 1 toilet for the entire party policy. Plus there was that dark spot in the basement by the second unused bar. So that would be a different story, but alas you were at a Club with a bunch of cops. And thus were arrested and now we have a very unfortunate urination story.

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This post is a riot. That was like a right of passage. Who would have thought it was a good idea to crowd 300 people into a house, serve each person as much beer as they could drink, and then allow one bathroom? These people became engineers.

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