Masters Fashion Watch: The Death Buckle

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two weeks from now my fraternity is having an alumni golf tournament and in order to play well I think you need to dress well. So I'm going to keep a pulse on the premier fashion statements from the Masters so that I can replicate them in a few weeks in hopes that I play like a golfer who doesn't completely suck. Although I won't be wearing Light Pink or Bright Pink Pants. Check Out the Other Recaps: Thursday, Friday

Can you guess who was seen on Friday wearing the belt buckle above? I will give you some hints.

1. He's the fakest bad ass on the tour.
2. He played pretty damn well at the Master's last Year
3. Likes to Challenge Tiger Woods but doesn't beat him.
4. Missed the Cut
5. Not from America
6. Likes to piss off Tiger Woods.
7. Won the Par 3 Tourney.
8. Name rhymes with Tory,

Do You Have it Yet?
It's Rory Sabbatini of course.

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