The Path of the White Warriors

Monday, April 07, 2008

There's many important finals this week but one may stand out above the rest. There's the Men's National Championship game tonight. There's the Women's National Championship game tomorrow. There's the final round of the Master's on Sunday. But none of those finals compare to the epic quest of an unparalleled accomplishment. The quest to win a Fantasy Basketball League on solely White Players.

Down 5-4 going into Yesterday's matchups the White Warriors run looked to have reached a conclusion, but not on Mike Miller's watch. He wasn't going to let his race down. He was going to power the team through to the finals by knocking down 8 triples against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Those 8 threes gave the White Warriors an improbable category comeback and lofted them into the title game. A title for the hopes of the suburban white kid who still thinks while shooting in his driveway that he has a chance to play in the NBA. If an all white fantasy team can get it done on the basis of FT%, FG%, Rebounds, 3PM and Turnovers than son you too can prosper in the NBA one day.

One more week until history is made...

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