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Monday, April 07, 2008

Here's a little picture fun from the Final 4.

UCLA vs. Memphis

1. He probably doomed himself when he didn't leave enough room on his shoe to include Championship Game.
2. It appears as if Love was way more excited to make the Sweet 16 than he was either the Elite 8 or the Final Four.
3. Unfortunately for Love putting marker on your shoe does not improve either athletic ability or stamina.

1. "Oh my god I think a meteor is going to hit me."
2. No, No, Not the flying ball. I once got hit in the face with sweaty balls. It was horrifying."
3. "I think I see death flying in the rafters."

1. Lorenzo Mata-Real now with 50% less playing time, 100% more last name, and consistent ugly.
2. "I liked losing in the Final Four better the last two seasons when I was only questionably the ugliest person on the court with Joakim Noah next to me."
3. "Well... at least there are no mirrors in my locker."

1. "Coach said I couldn't have 2 cookies. I don't get it, I'm not fat. I'm just big boned."
2. "I don't like it when teams run up and down the court. I get tired."
3. "Coach Howland said that I was the missing link for a National Championship. I think he lied to me."

1. If you plan on stopping Derrick Rose from getting to the basket, best put on your superman cape.
2. And the basketball hopes of New York rests on the chance of ping pong balls and the hope of Derrick Rose.
3. He actually misses this shot...

1. "Yo weze about to have a party on the River Walk. All ladies be invited."
2. CDR and AA be straight up ballin this tourney.
3. The scriptures tell us, thou shalt make thy free throws in the final four.

UNC vs. Kansas

1. "Why won't he call a foul yet? I'm Tyler Hansbrough I hustle on every play, I don't take plays off. Call a foul."
2. "Nobody every told me that Kansas had two bigger white guys than me. That's just not right."
3. "I am so going to miss this tip in right now."

1. "Why did my wife pick out this stupid looking tie?"
2. With Tyler on the bench Roy gets very uptight.
3. "Wouldn't it be funny if Kansas beats me and then wins the title? That would be hilarious."

1. He would just like to point out the massive dump he just took on Hansbrough's chest.
2. "I am the best Sasha on the planet. All other Sasha's must bow down before me. That includes both Sacha Baron Cohen and Sasha Cohen"

1. Brandon Rush's best impression of the Reach Around pass.
2. Hansbrough once again attempts to block flying balls with his ass.
3. Hey Tyler the ball is actually by your knees and not your head. Just thought that may help your defensive positioning.

1. "I hope Dickie V still wants to give me a blow job."
2. "Well, I'm still getting my jersey retired once I call it a career, so I guess who really cares."
3. "Can we just discount the first half? I'm Tyler Hansbrough and I command it so... Shit, why didn't that work?"

1. "Coach why didn't you play me? I was so ready today. I even manage to tie my shoes all by myself."
2. "Give me a hug coach, my ass hurts from all of the bench warming I've been assigned to do this season."
3. "Coach I still get a Final Four ring despite never contributing to the team right?"

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LOL - Good stuff. Especially liked the Lorenzo Mata-Real bit.

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