Don LaGreca Moronically Puts Down David Cone

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

So I was listening to the Michael Kay show on my way home from work yesterday and they were discussing how the Mets as a franchise still do not have a no hitter during their long history. Than somehow that divulged in to mentioning the Yankees two perfect games in back to back seasons by the David's, Cone and Wells. Than for some reason LaGreca's illogical Met fanaticism stepped in and he started discrediting Cone's Perfect Game because it came against a miserable team in the Expos. Discrediting a perfect game against anyone is stupid, but saying the Expos were a lousy hitting team that season was even more stupid.

Let's first point out the fact that the Expos roster which David Cone threw a perfect game against consisted of several all stars. First off they had Vlad Guerrero, the same player who has never in his entire career hit below .300. I'm sure it was very easy to get out Guerrero in every at bat given the fact he had 194 hits that season. Yep easy. They also had Jose Vidro at the start of his prime. Vidro hit .304 in 1999 and went on to hit in the higher .300s for the next 5 seasons. Additionally they had Rondell White in his prime. In 1999 arguably had the best season of his career when he hit .312. Finally they had a young Orlando Cabrera who has spent a year or so in the league.

I'm not going to make the case that it was a great Expos line up, but how can you seriously discount a perfect game simply because their opponent has a bad record. They had Vlad Guerrero, a player that has averaged well over a hit per game his entire career. And furthermore, didn't the 1999 Mets play the very same Expos several more times during that season than the Yankees? Where was their No-Hitter if the Expos were so miserable? Perhaps you should have just agreed that it is piss poor than in their entire franchise history the Mets have yet to throw a no hitter.

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What I find humorous is that on Thursday Michael Kay opened the show by saying that Met fans should not get too excited about Oliver Perez's pitching performance the night before because it came against a bad Marlins team

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