Pastrami is the King of Luncheon Meats

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sorry, but my sandwich was phenomenal. Feel free to wrongly disagree in the comments. And Vote I guess.

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Pastrami vs Steak and Cheese
which one you got? Its a tough call for me but I give the steak and cheese a slight under the conditions that there is a generous amount of cheese on said grinder

tmags said...
12:35 PM  

A nice lean pastrami with yellow mustrad on fresh roll narrowly beats out a steak and cheese with pepers, onions and shrooms.

The thing about pastrami is it depends solely on how greasy/fatty the cut is. That is what makes or breaks it.

Bring it to a poll.

JBILLS said...
12:52 PM  

i had a pastrami and swiss just because of this post today. Someone call Bobby Flay and have a throwdown

Matthew said...
5:59 PM  

I agree. Pastrami is the best with swiss on rye.

MoonDog said...
3:44 PM  

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