Portait of a Championship Game Loser

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Laying Down on the Job
CDR's Vote Hillary Campaign is Not Going Well

I'm Playing Some Great Defense Right Now
Huh, Someones Dunking?

Of Course I know What I'm Doing
Huh, Timeout? What Timeout?

The Beginning of the End
Hey Don't Blame it on Me, I only Missed One.

Owie Owie Missed Free Throw
Now is the Perfect Time to Cramp Up

Time to Stop Watching the Game
Man CDR Should Have Made Those Free Throws

Time to Disrobe
This Shirt Tastes Like Missed Free Throw

More Disrobing
I really Wish I could Take Another Stupid Three

Bench Sadness
We Didn't Play But We're Still Sad

My Career Is Over
Perhaps I Should Not Have Fouled Out 30 Feet Away from the Hoop

At Least We're Not Seniors
Perhaps One of Us Should Have Played Well

I Refuse to Move from My Seat
Wow this Confetti is Annoying.

The River Walk Blows
That Cubs Hat Was Probably a Good Luck Charm.

A Memphis Towel Head
I Didn't Actually Play At All

Staring at the Floor
The Pattern on this Carpet is Dazzling.

Well I Guess We Lost
Yo Dawg You Wanna Get Some Beers

Well That Sucked
Man I Can't Wait to Be a Top Two Pick

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Man, the guy I feel the worst for is the Memphis fan with the Chicago Bears hat on. Both his teams choked their asses off in the title game in a 14-month period.

At least he gets to go back to school and nail college chicks to ease the pain.

3:45 AM  

You summed everything up quite nicely. No excuse for what happened.

MoonDog said...
5:21 PM  

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