Typical Sports Talk Show Caller Guy: I'm Smarter than the Manager

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Talk Show Host: What's on your mind today Typical Caller Guy?

Typical Caller Guy: Willie Randolph does nothing on the bench. He looks like he buys a ticket for the game. They hit into five double plays, and he never hit and run once. Not once.

Talk Show Host:
You're going to blame Willie for his players hitting into double plays?

Typical Caller Guy:
But he doesn't try. Why is he bringing in Heilman? Why does he take out Oliver Perez in the 5th inning? Why did he leave Johan in the game when he was obviously gassed? He does nothing. And why did he cut Ruben Gotay. Gotay should be their second baseman.

Talk Show Host:
He didn't think Gotay could field.

Typical Caller Guy: Well he can field. And he's better than Luis Castillo he's a bum, it's ridiculous that they cut Gotay.

Talk Show Host: Don't you think Willie Randolph, who played second base for solid teams in major league baseball knows when a player can't field?

Typical Caller Guy: No, he's out of touch. Gotay is way better than Castillo.

Talk Show Host: If Gotay is so much better than Castillo why hasn't he found a starting job yet.

Typical Caller Guy: He's buried on the Braves bench, but that's not the point he should have a starting job with the Mets.

Talk Show Host: But Randolph didn't think he could play 2nd.

Typical Caller Guy: He's wrong.

Talk Show Host: Ok, you're smarter than Willie Randolph

Typical Caller Guy: Ya, Randolph is an idiot he's a horrible manager he can't manage at all.

Talk Show Host: Ok. [click]

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