The Annoying Smith Machines

Friday, April 25, 2008

Last year my genius gym decided that it was going to rid itself of all normal benches and and replace them with Smith Machines. I'm not exactly sure why, perhaps because they can be utilized for squats or perhaps because they are 'safer' for the person doing their bench presses, or the fact you can put an adjustable bench and do either regular bench presses or incline presses. Ok, it was probably a combination of all of those reasons, but after about 2 years of doing regular bench presses I was pretty annoyed.

After the year, I've gotten pretty used to the Smith Machines, I do that and mix in a few dumbell presses and some flys and call it a day. You get used to what's available to you. Until they decided, probably due to the steroid abusers whining, to bring back a regular bench press. So I figured why not try to mix it back into the rotation. The results? Holy shit my shoulder stablizers are weak as hell thanks to the stupid Smith machines. I can't bench anything heavy anymore because me arms wobble from side to side and north to south. There is not stopping it, it's pathetic and incredibly annoying. And it's all due to those damn Smith machines.

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The only useful thing to do with a Smith Machine is to put it on your back and squat it. Any exercise done in a smith machine is detrimental to your actual strength. Same goes for a Bowflex.

It's the worst piece of crap in the gym. If you work out alone, and want to try to max out, ask someone to spot you. Nobody will turn you down. All Smith Machines should be replaced with power racks.

Hart said...
10:59 AM  

Amen hart
what he says is sooo true almost all exercise where you arent actively stabilizing the weight you are using will give you false strength e.g.ur smith bench can be 300 but any guy who can bench 200 is probably just as strong in his chest and his arms and will probably kill you on a regular bench

gary said...
11:54 AM  

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