A Birthday So Big You Get 2 Years

Friday, April 18, 2008

I always enjoy a good multiple birthday celebration for Hispanic and or Japanese players. It's a time on honored tradition for people to lie about their age. And think about all the sacrifices Miguel Tejada had to go through when he initially lied and told the A's he was 17 and not 19. For one year Tejada could not go to Rated R movies by himself in certain states. For 2 additional years Miguel Tejada could not go to Bars and could not purchase alcohol for himself. That is a lot of sacrificing. Most people lie to get in the bar. Not Miguel, he lied to help keep alcohol away. Isn't that morally responsible? Shouldn't we congratulate Tejada for creating an ingenious approach to keep temptation away?

Happy Birthday to You Miguel. And Happy Birthday again. I hope you got two nice cakes.

Courtesy of AA

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