Meet Johnny Damon, Minus the Million Dollars of Incentive

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back when Johnny Damon was a Red Sock he was beloved by the 'Nation' and intensely hated by many Yankee fans including myself. And then his free agency loomed, should he stay with the Red Sox for significantly less money or venture to the opposite side of the rivalry and play for the Yanks. And when he chose the Yanks instead of the Sox the Nation felt betrayed and Yankee fans like myself were stuck attempting to figure out how they could possibly root for the guy. With that being said there was an explanation for why he jumped ship. It wasn't that all things being equal he decided to cross into enemy lines, no he just went where the money was. It was an understandable decision as a decent percentage of us probably would have done the same thing.

Now meet Justin Boren who as a sophomore started for the Michigan Wolverines but decided he did not like the coaching methods of Rich Rodriguez and would rather transfer. So with a multitude of options out there, all providing different playing/educational benefits, Justin Boren decided of all places he wanted to go to Ohio St. Unlike Pryor who had no affiliation and had the right to pick between the two he has spent two years of his life building a relationship with his teammates. He could have gone anywhere but he basically told all of those teammates to go screw with the only reasoning here being he wants to be a complete asshole.

Oh wait, he probably is getting paid more. Nevermind, completely understandable.

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