This is Why I Don't Gamble

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Relaxation and calm aren't necessarily traits I excel at during the final minutes of watching sporting events. Meanwhile, bitterness and negativity are two traits which can easily move to the forefront of my state of mind. And this is what gambling brings out in me, a load of bitterness and negativity towards people I will never meet personally. And thus why I typically avoid it.

But I never miss out on the NCAA tournament, because its 'fun'. And with 2 minutes and change left on the clock I thought it was going to be better than fun. I thought I was going to win 2 bills. And yet, of course I couldn't be positive about it because Memphis decided to choke it all away. A dumb dumb inbounds pass turned three. A questionable foul on Dorsey, which probably deserved to get called because it was so stupid. A boatload of missed free throws and a last second canned three.

And then the good feelings I have towards the Memphis players and the excitement I had over the possibility of winning turn to anger. What the hell is wrong with you. Why the hell do you guys suck so much? How the hell are you going to miss these free throws you pussy? Get your heads out of your ass you're still playing in overtime. Nice defense you stupid pieces of shit. Hey, Derek Rose you realize your the best god damn player on the court, why don't you act like it? What do those scriptures on your arm say CDR, let's miss big free throws? Hey Anderson throw up another stupid three.

And today, I'm still incredibly annoyed at Memphis, a team I have no connection to at all, and will probably be annoyed at them for a while. Who knows how long it will linger. Maybe I will drop it tomorrow. Maybe the next time Derrick Rose or CDR has a big time free throw attempt in the clutch I will hope they choke again. Maybe I will continue to hope that Calipari's stupidity will get the best of him in future tournaments... This is why I don't gamble.

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