Obviously You're Not a Golfer

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Barack Obama apparently is the equivalent of a 5 year old girl when it comes to bowling as he bowled a 37. That is pretty damn pathetic, he better not give foreign leaders the option to a bowling competition when negotiating foreign policy.

Plus what's up with 1/2 Black Men and their inability to high five without incredible awkwardness. First the richest sports figure in the world, Tiger Woods, and now potentially the next president of the United States. Both can't high five.

Courtesy of Hugging Harold Reynolds

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Barak cannot be president now, I mean bowling is something pretty much 90% of people in america have done at least once in their life and probably 90% of those people got better than a 37. The president of the United States cannot be that incompetent at something compared to the avg citizen and still run the country, plus he is a democrat

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