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Thursday, April 24, 2008

~Does Vernon Gholston look like a comic book character?

~Jake Long receiving the largest contract for any offensive lineman in the league seems completely ludicrous. This is what I don't understand about the NFL. For a league with so many restrictions built to lower the salaries in the league, from the lack of guaranteed deals to the hard cap, how do they have absolutely no salary structure for their draft picks? Why would Miami want to bring in a talented young player who may or may not become a pro bowl with the biggest contract in the league rather than bring in an already proven player and pay him less.

~I don't really see what there is to lose for the Cowboys in trading for Pacman Jones. If he doesn't play they take a mild risk in giving up a 4th round pick but receiving a pick next year in return. If he does play he will certainly be worth a 4th round pick and whatever pick they will need to give additionally next year. Seems like a solid risk-reward decision to me.

~Meanwhile I don't get the Vikings trade for Jared Allen at all. Certainly he is a superb player, but he does have two DUIs and another one lands a year suspension, so it's not like you're getting the classiest or most responsible of individuals. Additionally did you have to give him the highest contract in the league on top of packaging a 1st round pick and two third round picks. Seems pretty stupid on their part.

~Why do the Redskins not care about the draft at all? I understand the appeal of landing Chad Johnson but haven't they learned a single lesson that this league is most often by making solid draft choices?

~Speaking of that trade proposal the Bengals are idiots. Why keep Chad Johnson if you are just going to end up fighting the entire season with him? Why incite him by saying he can sit out if he wants to? Why not get potentially two first round picks for a 30 year old receiver that sooner rather than later will be on the decline of his career. If you can't find valuable players with two first round picks than maybe you should re-evaluate your entire franchise.

~Perhaps the Matt Walsh interviews will result in the Pats 7th pick being stripped. Eh, why ask for just the 7th, let's get greedy and ask for the entire draft.

~On that note, why does Chris Mortensen keep on saying we know Billy B has been taping other teams signals since 2000? When exactly was that fully established by the NFL and the media? Perhaps I just missed this.

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I agree with you regarding Pacman. The Cowboys stole him from the Titans. If you used a fourth round pick on a college player you're probably getting a guy that will be a back-up and special teams player.

The Cowboys used a fourth round pick to get a former top 10 first rounder and filled a need.

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