Eddie House Apparently Teaches the Children a Valuably Lesson

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Celtics won last night in OT despite not playing the Big 3 during the extra session. They were helped out by some big time defense and a clutch shot from Eddie House who was struggling at this point. With 1:29 left House hit his first shot of the game, having gone 0-6 in regulation, to give the Celtics the lead. This bucket apparently should be taken as a life lesson for children according to the Doc:

“That’s a great lesson for all kids,” Rivers said. “If you’re a shooter, you’re a shooter. You can miss 20 in a row, but if you’re open you shoot again. Eddie is a great shooter because he’s thinking the chances are greater that it’s going in.” Yahoo

So Children, no matter what level of basketball you are at, effectively you should have no conscious. If you are a 'shooter' just keep on throwing up bricks if you don't have the touch on a given day. One of them might drop, and if they don't there's always the next shot, or the next shot, or the next one. Regardless just keep on firing them up if you're open, who cares about what your teammates may end up thinking.

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That must have been why Fratelli use to take half court jump shots during Intramurals for no explainable reason. At least at the time. Apparently, he went to a Doc River's basketball summer camp.

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