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Monday, April 28, 2008

~First off let me just echo what my buddy Joe thought of the draft, it was boring. The one player that you really will be looking forward to watch take the field this year is going to a perennial 4 win team who won't be on TV much and additionally have 3 running backs who will compete for touches with him. The rest of the 1st round consisted of lineman, who while will be very beneficial to teams won't be players to diligently follow this year.

~The Jets draft was also boring. I obviously wanted McFadden but figured they'd end up with Gholston. I'm surprised they traded up for Keller whom everyone seems to think would have been a round when they picked in the 2nd round. The worst thing about Keller is that, it makes me think they are highly contemplating going back to Pennington this year. A tight end roaming around in the middle is the perfect complement to Chad's weak arm. One of the many remaining Wide Out who could spread the field would help someone with a strong arm, not a Tight End Dallas Clark clone. The pick of Erik Ainge was eh, it's the 5th round it's probably a good gamble. And the rest were players who I don't know. So pretty much a non-nondescript boring draft.

~The Jets apparently signed Danny Woodhead the white kid that ESPN was following all day long. That's probably the most exciting thing the Jets did this weekend.

~Meanwhile the enemy improved where they needed it the most by drafting three linebackers (Jerod Mayo (1st), Shawn Crable (3rd) & Bo Ruud (6th)). So pretty much despite losing their own 1st round pick the Patriots found a way to significantly improve the weaknesses of their roster. Makes you feel real great if you are a fan of a different AFC East team.

~It seems like the Weed penalty for the draft is severe. Let's be honest, a lot of these players whether caught or not have smoked weed before. Is it a positive? Of course not. But is it really enough to drop a stock from the 1st round to the 3rd round? I don't really think so, but what do I know.

~On that note, I think the Giants drafting Manningham in the 3rd round was a really solid selection. If Eli can improve his consistency again this season they could have an improved offense. They have depth and weapons everywhere. Boss and Shockey are two solid TEs. Bradshaw and Jacobs offer a superior change of pace in the backfield. And a wide receiver core of Plax, the emerging Steve Smith, Manningham, Tyree and Sinorice Moss will give the Giants to expand the field at will.

~Caleb Campbell the Army player getting drafted and possibly avoiding a trip to Iraq is a good story and a good policy by West Point. If a person from the Academy can be a good will ambassador for the program and possibly increase the number of Cadets than it makes sense to let the kid play in the NFL.

~Mike Hart slipping to the 6th round just shows you how valuable physical numbers are rather than playing numbers. He doesn't have the speed, he doesn't have the size, but he always got it done.

~I was hoping the Dolphins would draft Mike Hart so they could lose to Ohio St. for 4 straight seasons.

~Again perhaps it's just me, but I think I'd rather have Brohm or Henne 40 picks later than Joe Flacco.

~The Cowboys drafting Felix Jones instead of Rashard was pretty funny, but it probably makes sense.

~Chad Johnson not getting traded was stupid.

~Jason Taylor not getting traded was stupid.

~Shockey not getting traded was not stupid.

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