All Crap Decade Team: Boston Red Sox

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Red Sox have 2 World Series Titles in the past 4 seasons but damn some of those lineups in the lat 90s were miserable.

Lineup (min. 100 games)

C: Jason Varitek 2006: In an effort to look completely washed up V-Tek hit .238 with only 12 dingers in 365 at bats.

1B: Brian Daubach 2000: .248 average with a .315 On Base % and mediocre power numbers for a first baseman make Daubach the worst of the bunch. (Tony Clark didn't quite reach 100 games played)

2B: Mike Benjamin 1998: An OPS of .682 wouldn't get many of the Sabermatricians calling Benjamin's name.

3B: John Valentin 1999: At one point Valentin was a fan favorite and then he hit .253 with an on base % of .315 and he was done as the Sox regular third baseman.

SS: Mike Lansing 2001: In one of the many years Nomar got injured, Mike Lansing got the bulk of the pt to the tune of .250 batting average and 34 rbis in 352 at bats. (Pokey Reese didn't quite reach 100 games played)

OF: Darren Lewis 1999: If you have a slugging % of .309 you better have more than the 16 steals Darren Lewis had in 470 at bats.

OF: Darren Bragg 1997: No power no average centerfielders were the rave in Fenway in the late 1990s as Bragg preceded Lewis with .257 average and only 9 home runs in 513 at bats.

OF: Troy O'leary 2001:Much of his pt came when Crazy Carl (who also had a miserable season) was out, but O'Leary finished up with an average of .248 and an On Base % of .298.

DH: Dante Bichette 2001: No DH put up miserable stats for the Red Sox but Bichette's season of 12 home runs in 391 at bats with an On Base % of .325 wasn't very good.

BN: Rey Sanchez 2002: In typical 2B form had 1 home run and 38 rbi over 357 at bats with an On Base % of only .318.

BN: Manny Alexander 2000: Sure he was mostly a defensive replacement and utility guy and less of a regular, but he did get in 101 games played and hit .211 during them.

BN: Alex Gonzalez 2006: The Red Sox let O-Cab go first, then traded away Renteria and then brought in Alex Gonzalez. He rewarded them with a .299 On Base % and only 9 homers in 388 at bats.

BN: Jose Offerman 2000: Hit .255 in 451 at bats and always looked awkward doing so.

Starting Pitching (min. 18 starts)

SP: Ramon Martinez 2000: One would have thought putting Ramon behind his brother could have paid off big dividends instead Ramon was miserable posting a 6.13 ERA in 27 starts.

SP: John Burkett 2003: He looked like he should have been retired for years when he posted a 5.15 ERA in 03.

SP: Steve Avery 1997: Coming from the NL to the AL certainly didn't work out for Avery who posted a 6.42 ERA in 22 games including 18 starts.

SP: Mark Portugal 1999: Over 31 appearances including 27 starts Portugal only threw 150 innings and had an ERA of 5.51.

SP: Frank Castillo 2002: Forgive me if I forget Frank Castillo as a baseball player one would have thought a 5.07 ERA and a 6-15 record would be memorable.

Relief Pitching (min. 25 appearances)

RP: Alan Embree 2005: 7.65 ERA over 43 appearances didn't help the Sox defending their title.

RP: Ramiro Mendoza 2003: 6.75 ERA over 37 games made Red Sox fans say that he was still being paid by the Boss.

RP: Rich Garces 2002: El Guapo aka the Fat One was beloved by Sox fans until his ERA balooned to 7.59 in 26 appearances.

RP: Matt Mantei : The Sox picked up Mantei to solidify the pen in hopes that he would regain the stuff that made him a closer once. He posted a 6.49 ERA and was universally hated.

RP: John Halama 2005: Halama worked as a miserable psuedo long relief guy in 2005 to the tune of a 6.18 ERA.

RP: Kerry Lacy : Lacy was 23 year old Red Sox farm hand in 1996 when he came up and gave the Sox some solid relief work. Than in 1997 he finished the year with a 6.11 ERA. He never threw in a major league game afterwards.

RP: Heathcliff Slocumb 1997: Back in the days prior to Papelbon Red Sox fans were forced to watch Slocumb and his 5.79 ERA try to close games out.

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