Masters Fashion Watch: A Day For Colored Pants

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two weeks from now my fraternity is having an alumni golf tournament and in order to play well I think you need to dress well. So I'm going to keep a pulse on the premier fashion statements from the Masters so that I can replicate them in a few weeks in hopes that I play like a golfer who doesn't completely suck. Although I won't be wearing Light Pink or Bright Pink Pants. Check Out the Other Recaps: Friday, Death Buckle

Green Pants Were King
Luke Thinks They Will Look Great with a Green Jacket

Apparently They Shop at the Same Store
Nick Dougherty & Luke Donald Always Seemed Like They May Be Brit Lovers.

Casey Pulls the Flip-Flopper
He Prefers the 69 Position

Baddeley Only Wears Citrus Colors
He's From Down Under, He Has to Be the Odd Ball

Is It Green Or Yellow? Who Knows?
Poulter Just Wants to Keep You Guessing.

Tanuguchi Would Like to Round Out The Christmas Color Scheme
The Red Pants Were Too Expensive for Toru to Afford a Belt Buckle

Shouldn't Curtis Be Wearing Falcons Gear, He Is In Georgia
The NFL Should Be Able to Give a Sponsorship to a Better Player

One Step Away From Thursday's Best Outfit Award
Why Did You Have the Buck the Colored Pants Trend Shingo? The Title was Yours.

Tiger Missed Out On Colored Pants Day
Thought It Was Ugly Pink Striped Shirt Day


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FIND OUT and tell me where i can get a pair of luke donalds green pants. i also like the red, but the green are awesome. cant find any online.

Steve said...
4:16 PM  

check out for awesome colored pants!!!!!

ElSid said...
12:32 PM  

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