Masters Fashion Watch: Who Said Pink Pants Were Cool?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Two weeks from now my fraternity is having an alumni golf tournament and in order to play well I think you need to dress well. So I'm going to keep a pulse on the premier fashion statements from the Masters so that I can replicate them in a few weeks in hopes that I play like a golfer who doesn't completely suck. Although I won't be wearing Light Pink or Bright Pink Pants. Check Out the Other Recaps: Thursday

Poulter Apparently Only Brought 2 Pair of Pants
Who am I to Talk I Do the Same Thing

He Wears Pastel Pink So You Remember his Name
I Forgot Already, I think He's Thai

Bubba the 1980s Roller Skate Girl
But He Balanced Off the Absurd Pants with the Gator Skin Belt

Baddeley Represents Both the Fairway and the Rough
At This Pace Baddeley Will Be Wearing Spandex Chapps On the Weekend

Adam Scott Enters the Fashion Fold
Hopefully He Keeps Up the Improved Pace

Sergio Tries But Doesn't Pull Off the Green Look
Where Was the Monotonic Green Outfit

White Pants White Hat What a Combo

Zach Johnson Was A Day Late on White and Green Day
I Bet Nobody Wanted to Talk to Him With His Green Jacket On

Nothing Fun to Look At Here
Wait? Eric Byrnes Plays Golf?

Weaver Is So Damn High Class
Good Thing He's Guaranteed to Not Come Home with a Paycheck

Tiger Pictured Contemplating What He Would Look Like in Pink Pants
There's Always the Pink Pant Red Shirt Sunday Combo

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