Old Recycled Vagabond or Fresh New Face?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The NBA coaching spots are beginning to be filled and there's two very large ends of the spectrum. Some times are opting for the coaches who have bounced around the league a bunch and have seen their fair share of up and downs, none with a more utilized suitcase than Larry Brown. On the complete opposite end, everybody and their transvestite step sons think that Mark Jackson who has never spent a single moment on the bench of an NBA team as a coach will wind up as the Knicks next coach.

Larry Brown will be 68 throughout the 08-09 season while Jackson will only be 43. Larry Brown has been coaching in the NBA, ABA or NCAA since 1975. Jackson was a 10 year old in 1975. Brown has won both an NCAA Title and an NBA title while Jackson was never a member of a champion in either the NBA or NCAA. We know Brown can be a winner but we also were witness to the epic disaster of his New York Knicks. But can you blame Brown for it? Can you believe that it was Brown and not Isiah that wanted to bring in Stevie Franchise? We also know that if Larry Brown is offered a better opportunity he'll probably jump at it. So despite the championship pedigree you know what you are getting with Larry Brown.

But what do we know about Jackson and his potential coaching prowess. As an undersized and not particularly athletic point guard Jackson had to work incredibly hard to make it as an NBA player. He worked so hard that he finished his career with the 2nd most assists in the history of the NBA. He knows how to run offenses and lead on the court but is that everything or anything really? The same could be said for both Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas, both were terrific point guards who were both leaders and knew how to run an offense. And look what happened to their coaching career. We also know that Mark Jackson through his TV gig should be able to handle the scrutiny in NYC. But we also know through his TV gig that he isn't particularly afraid to bare his opinion and possibly ruffle some feathers.

Both of these coaches have an incredible amount of question marks. The question marks are just completely different. So which side of the spectrum would you rather sit on?

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You gotta take the savvy veteran coach in that situation. The Knicks need something solid to hang onto, at least for the short time.

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