2008 American League Award Show Predictions

Monday, March 31, 2008

MVP - Miguel Cabrera, He already has a home run. Congrats to me for waiting until after the first pitch to put this in. But regardless he'll have a monster season and has as good a chance as any to come home with the MVP award at seasons end. His bonus is that people really give an added benefit of the doubt to new team additions when it comes to MVP award, because they make the team "different" from the previous year.

Cy Young - Erik Bedard, 2 for 2 on the chalk Cy Young picks. And guess what both will be right... Maybe.

Coach of the Year - John McClaren, The Mariners aren't much of a sleeper if you talk to an ESPN personality but amongst the teams I have making the playoffs they will be the most surprising. And thus their manager will be most likely to win the Coach of the Year.

Rookie of the Year - Clay Bucholz, A spot in the starting rotation for amongst the best teams in baseball will certainly give Bucholz a big advantage over the competition. If he could post around 12 wins with an ERA around 4 he should take home the award. The Yankees certainly will hope that Kennedy rather than Bucholz takes home this award.

Comeback Player of the Year - Richie Sexson, And the moronic pick of the season comes in this category. But really Sexson just hit over .200 last season. Say the Mariners win the division and he returns to his typical 30+ homers and .260 average. That's a pretty solid comeback right?

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