CBI Bracketology: Quarterfinals

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So close to getting the perfect first CBI final 4 but instead the Utes had to blow it for me. UVA knocked off in state rival ODU to keep my title prediction alive. Senior Sean Singletary didn't want to end his career as he dropped a triple with 6 seconds left then immediately stole the ball and hit an and 1 layup. Houston pummeled Valpo to enter the Final 4. My finals loser Bradley knocked off regular Ohio after a 21-3 run in the second half. But the damn Utes had to suck it up in the 1st half and go down by 15, a margin that they could not make up.

Now the CBI can reorginize the bracket ala Hockey playoffs based on seeding. I have no idea who is seeded what but it appears as if they are keeping the bracket true and playing Tulsa vs. Bradley and Houston vs. UVA.

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