Dicky V Doesn't Believe in Cinderella

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ESPN asked all of their 'experts' a variety of questions surrounding the tournament and it's very apparent that Dick Vitale loves chalk. He absolutely loves chalk.

What mid-major is most likely to pull a George Mason '06?
Vitale: None

What double-digit seed will make the Sweet 16?
Vitale: None

Who are your sleeper Final Four picks?
Vitale: I only consider teams seeded fifth or lower as sleepers, and I don't think any will make the Final Four.

Plus most of these are qualifying questions. Every team has a likeliness to do something. Mount St. Mary could make the final four. Is it likely? No. It would probably take several bus crashes, a tornado, and Hansbrough's legs chainsawed off. But it's possible. Would it be hard to say Drake is more likely to make the Final Four than the rest of the teams. It's not even going out on a limb. Same thing with the sleeper Final Four Picks. Just throw out a 6 seed. Is it that hard? Here we go, I'll do it for you. Marquette is a big time sleeper. Wow that was tough. And he can't possibly believe that absolutely no 10 seed or above is going to make it into the Sweet 16. Not one.

The rest of his answers are very chalky. Only 1 and 2 seeds in the Final Four. The Tarheels winning it all. All #1 seeds making the elite 8. I can't be one to complain to much as my bracket is ridiculously chalky, but I don't get paid to make picks. If tournaments were played in Dick Vitale's mind they would be incredibly boring and probably gross given the fellatio he would want to give Hansbrough.

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We were just having basically the same conversation. When you go through and pick through game by game, there's very few upsets to feel good about.

The Ghosts said...
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At the very least give something though.

Simon said...
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