UNC You Are Now the Lone ACC Warrior

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The ACC is often regarded as the #1 basketball conference in the country and this year the RPI rankings reflected that. Yet, the ACC mysteriously only received 4 invitations to the Big Dance. Well after a week and a half it's pretty evident that the ACC might have been a touch overrated this season. Why? Because after a week and a half there's only one team left and the conference has a combined 9-7 record.


Clemson 0-1: Dumped in the first round to the last at large team in the dance is pretty poor. Especially when a win would have lined the Tigers up against Siena.

Duke 1-1: Barely avoided historic levels of ineptitude when they won by 1 over Belmont. Than pretty much got thumped by WVU.

Miami 1-1: Knocked off St. Mary's woooo in the first round and then closed the gap but lost to Texas in the second round. No real shame in a 7 seed losing to a 2.


Florida St. 0-1: Florida St. got dumped at home against Akron in the first round of the NIT. Piss Poor.

Maryland 1-1: Maryland won a road game against not so good Minnesota before getting dumped by Syracuse.

VaTech 2-1: The Hokies pummeled two opponents at home prior to losing to Ole Miss a game before MSG.


UVA 2-1: UVA was the last ACC team to make a tournament and the only ACC invited to the historic CBI. There they dumped instate rivals Richmond and ODU at home to make the last 4. Then they were dumped at home by Bradley.


The #1 team in the country is now the last remaining ACC team. And it's not like their path has been very difficult thus far. Sure they've pummeled their opponents, but they are playing virtually at home and one of the teams they defeated was Mount St. Mary's woo. Sure UNC will probably run away with the NCAA Championship at the end of the season, but the ACC has proven itself to be an overrated conference in 07-08 and not the powerhouse everyone proclaims.

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