Yendry & Eder Don't Care

Friday, March 14, 2008

Yesterday I threw up a post about how it sucked to be those guys that were planning on defecting from their Cuban National Team on Wednesday night after five of their teammates did so on Tuesday night. Well, apparently I was wrong. Ole Yendry Diaz and Eder Roldan bailed on their national team wednesday night.

Apparently I was wrong in the aspect of security. The Cuban National squad did not set up any kind of security to protect against defections. Thus giving all of their players pretty much the right of choice. Do I want to live in America or do I want to live in Cuba? Seems like a tough question for most.

Coming in with 18 players for the tournament Cuba was left with only 11 for their game with Honduras last night. But of course there was more. One of their players received a red card on tuesday and thus they were saddled with 10 people the entire game. So of course they lost.

Once again it seems absolutely ridiculous that Cuba hasn't figured out how to exploit their athletes rather than let them defect with ease.

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I flew over on the plane from Havana with the players and sat with Yendry. They are all a bunch of great guys and we wish them all well in their new adventure in the US.

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