I Think I Have the Right to Know

Monday, March 10, 2008

In under a year two of my teams have found a way to trade away my favorite player. Last summer I was one of the few who opposed the Garnett deal in part because I was blinded by my loyalty to Big Al. After 3/4 of a season it's apparent that the move was right for the franchise.

Now only months later the Jets have forced me into the same fate. To watch helplessly while my favorite player has been jettisoned across the country. However, with the Jets of course bring a sadder tale. When the Celtics traded Al Jefferson and the rest of their roster they received a Hall of Famer and perennial all star. So at the very least there was some benefit from the situation and the vast majority of the country was in favor of the deal. The Vilma deal however is a deal of stubborness, an unwillingness to adjust ones system to utilizege the talent inherited.

In 2004 Vilma was drafted with the 12th selection. The Jets were in desperate need for a Linebacker and Vilma was the logical choice. Over the course of the season Vilma emerged as a steady force for the playoff bound Jets and finished the season named NFL Defensive Rookie of the year. In 2005 Vilma emerged as one of the best Linebackers in the league. Vilma lead the NFL in both Solo Tackles and overall tackles. He was by far the best player on the entire roster and was selected for the Pro Bowl. This was the good period for Jonathan Vilma.

In 2006 Eric Mangini took over the roster and decided to convert the Jets into a 3-4 defense. In the 3-4 Vilma was completely nutrilized, his stats plummeted to the point where in the offseason the rumors began to fly about possible trades to the West Coast. Perhaps the Jets came to the senses or the just didn't get enough for satisfaction but they decided to hold onto the stud linebacker. Then in 2007 the Jets sucked and Vilma got his mysterious injury which the entire franchise refused to inform the country about. And thus the rumors began flying around yet again.

Now of course the Jets have traded Vilma, a player any team should be positively thrilled to have. A player with a great work ethic, and ideal citizen, and a player who never once backlashed to the media about his misuse. The Jets trade him away, and what do they get? Well, I don't know. Why? Cause the Jets don't want to just trade away one of their best players to piss off fans, they want to leave them in limbo not knowing what they received for a player who once recorded 173 tackles in a season. Is it a 4th rounder or a 3rd rounder or a 2nd rounder? Why can't they just come out and let their damn fan base know the exact god damn details of the trade. I feel that I have a right to know what my favorite team is receiving for trading away my favorite player for a draft pick that won't happen for 14 months.

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