Back in the Saddle Again

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am back at the ole cubicle this week and will be able to serve the general public with the typical amount of posts this week. But before I offer normal posts I want you to guess which Super Store is located directly across the street from the new Cowboys Stadium below. I was standing in that store's parking lot when I took that picture with my shitty camera phone. I'll post the answer later today.

But for the time being let me do the typical blogger story and post some stupid pictures from my trip. Why cause I think some of them are humurous? Mostly this Texas shaped Waffle.

Or the fact I went into Dallas and of course it snowed twice for the first time the whole god damn winter. And somehow someway it was warmer in Connecticut for the entire week.

Anyway guess away on which wonderful Store is located directly across a large 6 lane road from the Dallas Cowboys new stadium.

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