My Favorite Brett Favre Moment

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I spend 8 hours of no online time and of course Brett Favre retires. Why must sporting news happen when I am not tuned in? Anyway I figure I shall bring up my favorite Brett Favre moment of all time, which coincidently is my buddy Joe's 2nd favorite moment, just below Favre throwing the Int in the Conference Championship game.

The date is Sunday December 29th 2002. The New England Patriots head into Miami to face the 9-6 division leading Dolphins. At 8-6 the defending Super Bowl Champion Patriots needed two things to happen. They needed to defeat the Miami Dolphins at 1 pm and have the New York Jets lose their 4 pm game. The Dolphins get off to a hot start and held a 21-7 half time lead on the back of Ricky Williams. The Dolphins continued to hold off the Pats in the 3rd and early 4th quarter and held a 24-13 lead with 5 minutes to play.

Then Wanny and Norv Turner's lack of intelligence came into play. New England proceeded to take their next drive down the field for a touchdown followed by a 2 point conversion. The Dolphins were now up by 3 with the ball with 2:46 to play. A first down would win the game and put the Dolphins into the postseason. So what does Wanny do? He puts the ball in the Fied's hand and completely avoids utilizing Ricky Williams who was gaining 5 or 6 yards on each run. The Fied throws 2 incompletions and then runs for 7 yards on 3rd down. The Dolphins are forced to punt and Tom Brady leads to Pats to a game tying field goal. The Patriots then received the overtime kick, drove into Dolphins territory and kicked a Field Goal to defeat the Dolphins.

Now the Pats sat in the locker room hoping that the 12-3 Packers, who needed a victory to garner a playoff bye, would defeat the New York Jets. For the first half the game was back and forth with the Jets taking a 14-10 half time lead. In the third quarter the Jets broke away and after an interception by Favre and a subsequent drive took a 35-10 lead within a minute of the 4th quarter.

And then the moment happened. Down 35-10 with 14+ to go in the game and a #1 playoff seed and the Pats playoff birth on the line, Football's Ironman sat on the sideline and Doug Pederson came out to quarterback the Pack. And that's about the time my father lost it. He went into a cursory tirade which ended with I hope Favre breaks both of his legs and both of his arms during the playoffs, I f'n hate him, I hope he gets killed.

And that was the exact moment when I realized where some of my rage comes from.

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I wrote a post at my blog today about how I could care less regarding the announcement of Favre's retirement. His act was getting old and holding the Packers hostage the past three off-seasons while he made a decision was B.S., IMHO.

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