Let the Bubble Rest

Monday, March 17, 2008

Thomas O'Connor, director of the tournament selection committee, was just on Mike and the Mad Dog being interrogated over any questionable decision. Most of which was completely unnecessary such as how Arizona St. didn't get in but Arizona did, why is Butler a 7 seed, why is Georgia a 14 seed, etc.

One thing that they did try to pry out was whom was eliminated because Georgia won the SEC tournament. With Georgia playing until around 5:30 the committee had to have two brackets set up. One including Georgia and one including an additional bubble team. So the O'Connor responding to the questions saying that he didn't feel comfortable revealing the team without the expressed consent of his committee. He did say that the committee will meet later in the week and he will bring up this as a topic of discussion and if they agree, he will than reveal the team that was bounced by Georgia.

Please make the common sense decision and do not reveal the last team. I understand inquisitive minds would like to know. But what good can come from finding out. Students at whichever school is named (Arizona St., VaTech, Dayton, etc.) become passionate Georgia haters for the rest of eternity. Supporters of the university become even more incensed over their lack of inclusion in the field.

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