Sorry for the No Posting

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm in the great state of Texas for work and as you should have noticed by the past two days the posting has been and will continue to be sparse if at all. Thus is the unfortunate scenario surrounding actually participating in Corporate Slavery.

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Are you in a dry county? I ended up in Texas for a job and the WHOLE COUNTY WAS DRY. This made the already sucky Texas experience even worse. Although I hear that Austin is a beautiful city.

I had to wear rattle snake guards at the job site.

Hart said...
7:33 AM  

I'm in irving and have been working from 8-11. Thus I would like to blow my brains out.

Simon said...
8:27 AM  

On a somewhat related note, are they going to implode Texas Stadium after the Cowboys move to their new facility?

MoonDog said...
2:34 PM  

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