2008 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: Midwest Bracket

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ESPN is giving you the opportunity to make 10 brackets, so while I concentrate on figuring out my final 'true' bracket I figured out a way to stupidly decide the games. The move was to pit the best NBA representative from each team against each other. If the team does not have an NBA rep than they used their leading scorer from their tournament team.

Check out the breakdown: Final Four, East Regional, West Regional, South Regional, Midwest Regional

1st Round

Paul Pierce (Kansas) over Ime Udoka (Portland St.)
Pauly P would easily take down the underrated Udoka.

Shawn Marion (UNLV) over Al Fisher*(Kent St.)
Marion shouldn't have any problems against a kid from Kent St.

Randy Foye (Villanova) over Greg Buckner (Clemson)
Two tough players, but the edge goes to Foye's quickness.

Shan Foster*(Vandy) over Edwin Ubiles*(Siena)
Foster is a very under-hyped player in the SEC.

Michael Beasley* (K State) over Nick Young (USC)
Young is having some success in the NBA but Beasley is a beast.

Devin Harris (Wisconsin) over Bruce Bowen (CS Fullerton)
Bown is known for his defense, but Harris's quickness would still voermatch him.

Adam Morrison (Gonzaga) over Stephen Curry*(Davidson)
Mustachioed jump shooter is greater than NBA Jump Shooter's Son Jump Shooter.

Allen Iverson (Georgetown) vs. Ray Barbosa*(UMBC)
11-0 Iverson.

2nd Round

Paul Pierce (Kansas) over Shawn Marion (UNLV)
In probably the toughest 2nd round matchup of the entire tournament, the edge goes to Pierce do to his larger array of offensive moves.

Randy Foye (Villanova) over Shan Foster (Vandy)
Foye's quickness and stength outmatch Foster.

Michael Beasley* (K State) over Devin Harris (Wisconsin)
Beasley overpowers Harris in their 1 on 1 match up.

Allen Iverson (Georgetown) over Adam Morrison (Gonzaga)
AI wins 11-0 again. Morrison never touches the ball.

Sweet 16

Paul Pierce (Kansas) over Randy Foye (Villanova)
Foye is tough, but would be unable to cover Pierce consistently enough.

Allen Iverson (Georgetown) over Michael Beasley (K St.)
The youngster gets served a dose of what it's like to cover NBA superstars.

Elite 8

Allen Iverson (Georgetown) over Paul Pierce
Another tough matchup to call, but AI's innate ability to get to the rack wins out over Pierce.

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