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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some times you just have to marvel at the fun stories that are a direct result of communism. One of these fun stories occurred yesterday. The Cuban Under 23 year old team is in Tampa competing in a tournament. The team recently drew with the USA despite a Freddy Adu goal so what do you do to celebrate such a victory? Run away of obviously.

If you're on your countries national team chances are you can make some money on your skills. Except for Cubans of course, who apparently have yet to learn from the Chinese and Yao Ming. Thus, when their athletes travel with their national teams there's no better time to run away.

My favorite part of the entire story is that now the Cuban National team is left with only 13 players. 13 players who are probably all pissed off that they didn't run away on tuesday night and will now be on lock down for the remainder of their time in Tampa. There's got to be at least one guy on the team thinking to himself "Fuck I was planning on running away on wednesday night, now I'm screwed. Those bastard."

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