Sweaty Pittsburgh Heros Should Enjoy Tacos & Coronas

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A local bar in the Pittsburgh Area is now offering a wonderful special on Wednesday for the sweaty and hard working Pittsburgher. The deal is one worth taking up, 7 Coronas for 5 bucks as well as 75 cent tacos. Sounds like the perfect Wednesday Evening for someone who's worked up a sweat. So let's pinpoint some current Pittsburghers or Pittsburgh legends who've built up a big sweat.

Andy Van Slyke - Van Slyke was the hard worker amongst the 90s Pirates as is clearly pictured in the photo to the right.

Barry Bonds - Back in his skinny Pittsburgh days Barry used to get his Tacos and Coronas with some HGH Sour Cream.

Matt Clement - A Pittsburgh native and legend amongst the Major League DL. No one rehabs harder to not get back into playing shape than Matt Clement (Except for Perhaps Pavano). If there's a hard working sweating Pittsburgh Native that deserves 5 Coronas for 7 bucks it's Matt Clement, or not.

Tito Francona - Not Terry, but rather he's dad Tito, who has both a cooler name and has never been associated with the Red Sox. Tito's 74 now so he deserves a deal that's a steal to put him in a good mood.

George Karl - As a fat coach patrolling the sidelines there is always a way to work up a good sweat. All you have to do is start yelling and throw stuff all over the court. Than the back of your jacket is soaked through and disgusting and you need some Coronas.

Mean Joe Greene - I bet mean Joe Greene could eat 3 tacos with one bite and would probably funnel three beers immediately after.

Franco Harris - I picture Franco Harris as a sloppy taco eater. One that dumps loads of Hot Sauce all over his Tacos ends up with sauce all over his face but always refuses napkins. Cause he's Franco Harris does it really matter if his face is loaded up with Hot Sauce or not?

Alan Faneca - One of the best guards in NFL history. A 7 time Steeler Pro Bowler worked up a sweat and hunger in each of his ten seasons with the Steelers. (He just so happens to be a Jet now, so chances are he will now play like a pussy, so he should take advantage of the Taco deal while he still has time.)

Johnny Unitas - Is any quarterback in history more of a 75 Cent Taco Guy than Johnny U? Probably not.

Michael Moorer - For all I know after Michael Moorer won the heavy weight title he probably was downing 75 cent tacos daily. Man did he baloon up in weight late in his career.

Rocco Mediate - Perhaps if Rocco drinks 7 Coronas he won't try to instigate Tiger Woods anymore. Maybe it will get him to relax and not make foolish decisions. Kind of the opposite effect alcohol typically has on people.

Huh? The Special is Called Wetback Wednesday? Well that's kind of inappropriate.

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