Fantasy Draft Part Un

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So here's my first fantasy baseball draft yesterday. If you enjoy reading about fantasy baseball and want a mock draft like look at a league I say read on. Don't give a crap, then move on.

Anyway this league consists of 10 members, 30 players each, and the categories are a bit ludicrous.

Categories: R, H, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, AVG, IP, W, CG, SHO, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, K/9
Positions: C, C, 1B, 1B, 2B, 2B, 3B, 3B, SS, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, Util, Util, Util, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL

Alright now onto the analysis. My Picks are in BOLD.

Round 1
1. Álex Rodríguez MANNYS DREADS
2. José Reyes Harpoons & H...
3. Miguel Cabrera The Wall Balls
4. Chase Utley Juice Heads
5. Hanley Ramírez Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Matt Holliday Frank the Yank
7. David Wright Mclovein
8. Albert Pujols Ginzoes
9. Manny Ramírez McNamee Juic...
10. Jimmy Rollins Put it on My...

Best Pick: David Wright slipping to 7 is ridiculous.
Ballsy Pick: Miguel Cabrera should be a beast but over Hanley and David Wright is ballsy.
Stupid Pick: Manny Ramirez should no longer be a first round pick.
My Pick: I almost pissed myself when I knew I was going to get Hanley or Wright. I opted for Hanley but it was really a coin flip.

Round 2
1. Johan Santana Put it on My...
2. C.C. Sabathia McNamee Juic...
3. Prince Fielder Ginzoes
4. Ryan Howard Mclovein
5. Grady Sizemore Frank the Yank
6. Ryan Braun Deb's HGH Bu...
7. David Ortiz Juice Heads
8. Alfonso Soriano The Wall Balls
9. Jake Peavy Harpoons & H...
10. Jonathan Papelbon MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Soriano with pick 18 will be a beast with his surrounding lineup and now in the 2 hole.
Ballsy Pick: Papelbon in the 2nd round is probably a bit too early but nobody else in baseball currently has a save.
Stupid Pick: CC Sabathia is not a 2nd rounder. The McNamee Juice guys were apparently drunk for much of the draft.
My Pick: I came down to Braun or Ortiz but opted for Braun due to the 3B eligibility figuring it would be easy to fill UTIL later on.

Round 3
1. Brandon Webb MANNYS DREADS
2. Víctor Martínez Harpoons & H...
3. Brandon Phillips The Wall Balls
4. Carl Crawford Juice Heads
5. Ichiro Suzuki Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Magglio Ordóñez Frank the Yank
7. J.J. Putz Mclovein
8. Carlos Beltrán Ginzoes
9. Vladimir Guerrero McNamee Juic...
10. B.J. Upton Put it on My...

Best Pick: Carl Crawford usually goes in the 1st round and I laugh. But in the 3rd it's a nice pickup.
Ballsy Pick: Victor Martinez went a bit earlier than normal but in a 2 catcher league it's nice not to have to deal with 2 shitty catchers.
Stupid Pick: JJ Putz really shouldn't be getting drafted in the 3rd round.
My Pick: I took Ichiro over much deliberation completely due to the fact that Hits are such an important category in this league with H, 1B, 2B, 3B, and AVG all categories.

Round 4
1. Carlos Lee Put it on My...
2. Mark Teixeira McNamee Juic...
3. Lance Berkman Ginzoes
4. Josh Beckett Mclovein
5. Russell Martin Frank the Yank
6. Álex Ríos Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Justin Morneau Juice Heads
8. Cole Hamels The Wall Balls
9. Curtis Granderson Harpoons & H...
10. Erik Bedard MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: With 3Bs a category if Granderson doesn't have any lingering effects jumping on him was a solid move.
Ballsy Pick: With Beckett and Granderson your dealing with current injured players.
Stupid Pick: Nothing stands out.
My Pick:Again the pickup of Rios was highly credited to the fact he gets a lot of hits. Probably a bad reach on my part.

Round 5
1. Chone Figgins MANNYS DREADS
2. Robinson Canó Harpoons & H...
3. Derek Jeter The Wall Balls
4. Dan Haren Juice Heads
5. Troy Tulowitzki Deb's HGH Bu...
6. John Lackey Frank the Yank
7. Adam Dunn Mclovein
8. Brian Roberts Ginzoes
9. Miguel Tejada McNamee Juic...
10. Aaron Harang Put it on My...

Best Pick: Cano if he stays 100% healthy this season will have over 200 hits.
Ballsy Pick: Aaron Harang needs his team to help him get some wins this season but the rest of his stats are always great.
Stupid Pick: Dunn, Lackey and Tejada all seem to be ill advised picks to me given the format.
My Pick: Wanted to get a 2nd stud SS.

Round 6
1. Derrek Lee Put it on My...
2. Chipper Jones McNamee Juic...
3. Aramis Ramírez Ginzoes
4. Justin Verlander Mclovein
5. Roy Halladay Frank the Yank
6. Garrett Atkins Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Travis Hafner Juice Heads
8. Francisco Rodríguez The Wall Balls
9. Carlos Peña Harpoons & H...

Best Pick: Hafner slipping to the 6th round was probably a gift.
Ballsy Pick: Chipper over Atkins and Aramis is really banking on his health.
Stupid Pick: Carlos Pena just seems like too much of a risk for the 6th round to me.
My Pick: Went with Atkins and the comfortable confines of Coors. He'll hit .300 once again this season.

Round 7
1. Daisuke Matsuzaka MANNYS DREADS
2. Michael Young Harpoons & H...
3. Carlos Zambrano The Wall Balls
4. Eric Byrnes Juice Heads
5. Nick Markakis Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Roy Oswalt Frank the Yank
7. Joe Nathan Mclovein
8. Bobby Abreu Ginzoes
9. Ian Kinsler McNamee Juic...
10. Scott Kazmir Put it on My...

Best Pick: None really stand out.
Ballsy Pick: Eric Byrnes was a fantasy stud in 2007 but too much it's too much risk.
Stupid Pick: I think Michael Young would have lasted until a round or two longer.
My Pick: Markakis is a young free swinging hitter who will wind up with 190+ hits.

Round 8
1. Tim Lincecum Put it on My...
2. Jorge Posada McNamee Juic...
3. Carlos Guillén Ginzoes
4. Jacoby Ellsbury Mclovein
5. Fausto Carmona Frank the Yank
6. Brian McCann Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Corey Hart Juice Heads
8. Édgar Rentería The Wall Balls
9. Félix Hernández Harpoons & H...
10. Adrián González MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Carlos Guillen will play everyday at 1B but is SS eligible and is hitting in arguably the best lineup in the bigs.
Ballsy Pick: Tim Lincecum was selected over a lot of very good pitchers. With the Giants lineup this was probably ill advised.
Stupid Pick: Jacoby Ellsbury will get lots of steals and hits, but he might not play everyday when Coco comes back and currently he's not leading off.
My Pick: Figured I would grab the last good catcher once Posada went off the board.

Round 9
1. Rafael Furcal MANNYS DREADS
2. Francisco Liriano Harpoons & H...
3. Ryan Zimmerman The Wall Balls
4. Chris Young Juice Heads
5. Hunter Pence Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Torii Hunter Frank the Yank
7. Orlando Cabrera Mclovein
8. Gary Sheffield Ginzoes
9. Howie Kendrick McNamee Juic...
10. Dan Uggla Put it on My...

Best Pick: Howie Kendrick could be superb in this leagues format if he stays healthy and plays everyday.
Ballsy Pick: Francisco Liriano has a ton of question marks.
Stupid Pick: Not seeing the appeal of Orlando Cabrera here.
My Pick: I really can't believe Pence lasted this long. I contemplated picking him over Markakis but when he lasted 2 more rounds I jumped all over him.

Round 10
1. Vernon Wells Put it on My...
2. J.J. Hardy McNamee Juic...
3. Takashi Saito Ginzoes
4. John Smoltz Mclovein
5. Paul Konerko Frank the Yank
6. Chris Young Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Andruw Jones Juice Heads
8. Nick Swisher The Wall Balls
9. James Loney Harpoons & H...
10. Billy Wagner MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Paul Konerko is a safe 30 HR option at 1B.
Ballsy Pick: James Loney will get daily at bats now we shall see if he really is a .300 hitter.
Stupid Pick: In this format I was staying away from low hit producers in Andruw Jones and Nick Swisher.
My Pick: Hey it's the 10th round I figured I should draft a pitcher and the big Chris Young was the best one left.

Round 11
1. Mike Lowell MANNYS DREADS
2. James Shields Harpoons & H...
3. John Maine The Wall Balls
4. Jeremy Bonderman Juice Heads
5. José Valverde Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Chien-Ming Wang Frank the Yank
7. Willy Taveras Mclovein
8. Jason Bay Ginzoes
9. Joba Chamberlain McNamee Juic...
10. Alex Gordon Put it on My...

Best Pick: If Jason Bay can play anything like he used to he will be a steal.
Ballsy Pick: John Maine is having a lights out spring but will he be worth an 11th rounder?
Stupid Pick: Joba Chamberlain unless he gains a starters job or Mo goes down is a complete waste of a pick. But there were a lot of other bad picks this round.
My Pick: Grabbed a top notch closer so I would have atleast one 'reliable' source of saves.


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