CBI Bracketology: A Tourney Not Meant for Picks

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reseeding is stupid. Let me explain why...

My original tournament bracket had Bradley vs. Virginia in the finals of the CBI tournament and UVA taking it home. Well come semifinals time the CBI decides that it wants to recede teams based on some criteria that nobody knows (aka I don't care to find out) and they decided to throw my bracket for a loop and make Bradley and UVA face each other in the semifinals. So do you repick at this point? Do you leave the bracket as is? I have no idea, plus I'm lazy so I left the bracket as is. Well Bradley beat UVA, so now my champion is obviously wrong, but do I get credit for Bradley in the finals. I had them there, but I had them losing to UVA. Who knows. If you can't even do a March Madness bracket with it than why should anyone care about shit teams facing each other?

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