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Monday, March 10, 2008

~The Celtics apparently got the OK from the AARP and were able to bring in PJ Brown and Sam "Fish Alien" Cassell last week. Anything that takes playing time away from Scalabrine makes me happy.

~Some High School kids played an 8 overtime game for their Championship. After 8 OTs the league pulled the plug and claimed them both champions. 8 Overtimes is a lot of friggin hockey for a 17 year old.

~I hope Aaron Rodgers fails miserably. There is something inherently unlikeable about him. Perhaps it was the fact that he wasn't very good in college yet people thought he might be the #1 pick.

~When did UCLA become Duke and start getting ridiculous calls?

~Chelsea lost to a team I don't know if I've ever heard of this weekend in the FA Cup. Way to do your billionaire owner proud.

~If you can hit a hawk with a golf ball, shouldn't a receive congratulations and not an animal rights charge? Endangered or not, the dude hit it with a golf ball. That's skill. Or an accident if he wants to get away with it.

~Why do the Bucs sign 90% of the free agent quarterbacks?

~Why do the Jets keep on signing free agents yet are still stuck with two quarterbacks that aren't worth shit?

~I hope the words twisted testicle are never used in a sentence that includes my name. Sorry Mr. Pie.

~Apparently Ric Flair retired, I guess that means straight to the Old Folks Home.

~Allan Houston on the other hand apparently wants to comeback again. When will it end.

~Coach K won his 800th game. That blows but at least he lost to UNC. Come on early Tournament exit.

~UConn losing to Providence was funny. As was their 30-0 run against Cincy last night.

~I think it's hilarious that Kyle Busch is in first place in NASCAR after he was dumped for Dale Jr. If there's anybody on this planet more overrated than Dale Jr. I'd like to know. Talk about living on your Daddy's name.

~Man the Heat suck.

~Making a figurine of a High School Football player is completely ridiculous. Even if the kid is so clueless about what he wants to do that this shit is entering the equation.

~Jamal Lewis taking classes at Harvard is ridiculous.

~Julius Jones to Seattle means just about nothing to me. Part of the reason Alexander sucked the past two years is because they let Hutchenson go.

~Hmm seems as if Randy Moss isn't actually signed yet, it would be cool if that deal fell through for some reason.

~I really didn't know Kobe was this ripped.

~A 13 year old qualifying for the Olympic Swimming Trials seems quite ridiculous to me. Check to see if she's on Roids.

~Beer Swigging 101 year old marathon runners are solid.

~Tommy Amaker apparently wants morons to play on his Harvard basketball team. I guess he wants the players to suck like Michigan and be as stupid.

~I wouldn't expect Red Sox scouts to be overly classy, but this might be an extreme.

~This picture is hilarious.

~So it this one of Kyle Korver playing defense.

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