Week 1 Tourney Review

Monday, March 24, 2008

~My bracket sucks. If I hadn't picked any upsets I would be doing better right now. In fact if you put in a 100% chalk no upsets at all bracket on ESPN.com it currently sits at 93.2% with 960 possible points remaining. That means that the vast majority of people, including me, completely outsmart themselves when picking upsets for their brackets. Sure you know they're going to happen, but 95% of you have no idea where. Only a select lucky few do. So if you're in a pool of 30, maybe it's just better to not pick ridiculous upsets. That way you don't get your upset wrong as well as the actual upset wrong.

~Now onto actual stuff.

~The 4&5 seeds bowing out on Friday was entertaining. But honestly did anyone really care about watching Nova vs. Siena or San Diego vs WKY yesterday? I don't think they showed the San Diego game for a second yesterday and I know I was disappointed watching Nova vs. Siena at noon and opted to take the dog for a walk rather than watching the game.

~The West Bracket proved itself to be the worst bracket in the history of God's Green Earth. UCLA was lucky to pull off a victory against A&M. Drake was an unproven #5 seed sunk by a miracle shot. The Huskies were one of the most inconsistent teams in the country and them getting bounced early is not surprising at all. Part of that was due to AJ Price tearing his ACL, and another lucky shot. But face it neither UConn nor Drake played particularly well or were very good. Duke could have lost to Belmont, but then laid an egg against WVU. Purdue stunk. And Xavier really is only here cause Georgia wore out and Purdue sucks. This was the worst bracket day 1 and it still is the worst bracket. I'm pulling for WVU. Why? I have no F'n idea.

~The story of the tournament is Stephen Curry. Seth Greenberg has got to be banging his bald head on maroon lockers in Blacksburg watching these games. The kid should have been a Hokie but he pulled the ole you're not big enough to play D1 ball kid, move. And now he's the coolest thing in the tournament. Fade away triples. Getting to the rack. Clutch free throws. You can't help but love the kid.

~Meanwhile one of my 2 brackets that are in a money pool is 98% on ESPN but had the choking Hoyas in the Final Four. Hibbert has got to be the most overrated college player of this decade. He's nothing more than a mediocre pro prospect. He has no killer instinct. He never demands the ball. And he disappeared all week long, including the Big East tournament. Poor job by the Hoyas blowing their enormous lead.

~All 4 number 1 seeds advanced. They threw up a number during one of the 1 seed games saying they were 82-12 making the sweet 16. Which means it's not a bright idea to pick them to lose prior to that round.

~Joey Dorsey getting a bright light shined in his eye actually helped him make a free throw. That was humorous.

~Memphis has so many god damn athletes that they should really run the train on MSU this week, but somehow someway they'll end up keeping the game close.

~Kansas and UNC had smooth sailing into the Sweet 16. Boring.

~Indiana highly let me down against Arkansas as I thought they could have given UNC a slight scare with Gordon and DJ White. Arkansas then got pummeled.

~The Big East went 7-1 in round one. And then the top seeds shat the bed. The Big East was a deep but overrated conference this year. The top seeds, UConn, ND, Georgetown etc. just weren't that good. Plus Louisville smoked Oklahoma but they did not deserve a 6 seed. The chance of any Big East team making the final four are very slim.

~The Pac 10 got completely lucky with Stanford and UCLA knocking down buckets in the closing seconds to move on.

~Butler probably didn't deserve the fate of having a 7 seed and losing to Tennessee in OT. But shit happens.

~I'm in a training session today, so this could be the last post of the day.

~I guess I underestimated Wazzu who looked pretty good in thumping ND. Perhaps they will give UNC and actual contest.

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