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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Since starting this ole blog, my picks have lived off of my preseason selections and subsequently died because of it. This year is no different. At the beginning of the season I made final four selections of Kansas, Georgetown, UNC and Memphis. Thus I automatically slot in Memphis and UNC. Then I make a decision as to whom I like amongst Kansas and Georgetown. Then I get the freedom of present time choice for the Western Region.

In the end I hate myself. At the beginning of the season I bounced back and forth between Kansas and Memphis for the championship. And my initial thought was that they would matchup in the title game, and thus I chose the Jayhawks over the Hoyas.

Next onto the West Region where I could choose anybody. And then looking at the bracket I vomitted. My options other than UCLA were Duke, Drake, Uconn, Xavier, or Purdon't. Is this not the worst bracket created in the history of mankind? I passionately hate two of these teams and will avoid putting either in the final four if there is rational reasoning to do so. Drake I haven't watched play a single game, possibly ever. Purdon't is in the lame Big 10. And Xavier never does that well in the tournament. The only logical option was UCLA. I couldn't convince myself to pick any of those other teams.

And thus my bracket has 4 one seeds in the Final Four. I passionately hate it. Then filling out the rest of the bracket was equally shitty. I want to pick against UConn but I can't. I want to pick against Duke but I can't. Cause they play shit teams. Other than the few first round upsets I was pretty much locked into chalk at this point. Very disappointing.

The only one gambling on this bracket is the girlfriend who for some reason trusts me more than randomly picking teams herself. She made a poor choice.

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Feel your pain. Our only differneces are I have K-State making a run to the Elite 8 just because i needed some sort of upset/twist.
I picked Xavier over Duke just because I hate Duke.
I put Stanford in the Final Four just to break up having all #1 seeds there and figured Memphis appears to be the weakest #1.
I basically forced myself to create upsets if that what you want to call them.

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