Sox Hate Tune Up

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The season is only a few weeks away and thus the hate is building by the day. I figure I just need a tune up before the season and this pictures will do the trick.

I feel as if Papelbon is probably the weirdest player in all of major league baseball. I don't know if you can necessarily hate him for that but what the hell goes on in this dudes head. What exactly is that shirt? And what exactly is that look on your face? He is just one very very very weird dude.

How is Pedroia a good Major League Baseball Player? Look at him, he looks like the tool that was in your fraternity that sometimes you wondered, how the hell did he get in. They have him listed at 5'9 180, and by that picture it certainly doesn't look like the vast majority of that 180 is muscle. And way to marker your chest up.

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