NIT Bracketology: The Day My Bracket Died

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I obviously wasn't going to get the UMass trip to MSG given I had them losing to FSU long ago, but still going into last night I had 1 of 2 'Final Four' teams. And then the bracket came to an abrupt halt. VaTech had to choke on some large dong at home against Ole Miss. Sure Ole Miss has a better record, but I figured home court, playing in a better conference, plus the ability to almost beat the best team in the country would give them the ability to proclaim themselves the 66th best team in the country. Nope they got pounded in the last few minutes and my bracket was shattered. And then of course to put salt in the wounds Ohio State has to do basically the same thing to Dayton and pull away in the second half. Stupid NIT.

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you had osu lose the first round? I hope you had no money on that bracket.

Anonymous said...
10:45 AM  

thankfully no money was involved...

Simon said...
11:07 AM  

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