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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Check out the other rosters the BCS Conferences, the High Schoolers,the Foreigners and the Non-BCS Squad.

If I'm going to do a tournament of 16 squads than I need two more. Thus these rosters are created using the players that didn't quite make the cut on their respective conference roster.

ACC, Big 12, & SEC

Starting Roster: Stephon Marbury, Corey Maggette, Mike Dunleavy, Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox
Bench Players: Al Thornton, Sean May, Raymond Felton, Jamaal Tinsley, Marvin Williams, Jerry Stackhouse, Rashad McCants

Roster Strength: Point Guard Play, For all the merciless beatdown Stephon Marbury receives from the media he's a career 20 and 8 player. Additionally the scraps have two solid NBA point guards on the bench in Felton and Tinsley who are more pass first players than Steph is.
Roster Weakness: Post Play, Chris Wilcox was the closest thing to a center to be found amongst the ACC, Big 12 and SEC scraps. Sean May is a big body in the post but can't really cover centers and Joe Smith is more a swing man than a true power forward.

Sum Up: The SEC could not get a single reserve to crack this roster. I contemplated putting Big Shot Bob on the roster but he's so damn old. Additionally, Jamaal Tinsley is the only Big 12 representative. Thus the ACC can pretty much put together two really good teams.

Big East, Big 10, Pac 10

Starting Roster: Randy Foye, Francisco Garcia, Josh Childress, Troy Murphy, Samuel Dalembert
Bench Players: Hakim Warrick, Charlie Villanueva, Tim Thomas, Mike Conley, Nate Robinson, Ryan Gomes, Brent Barry

Roster Strength: Athleticism, Sure just about all NBA players are very athletic. This roster however has some phenomenal athletes with Dalembert, Nate Robinson, Hakim Warrick, and Chucky No-Eyebrows. Men that can do athletic feats rarely seen even in the NBA.
Roster Weakness: No Studs, I'm unsure on who would actually be a team leader or take the big shot on this team. No one on this roster is their teams number 1 option. In fact most of these players aren't even the 2nd or 3rd option on their respective NBA team.

Sum Up: Each conference has representatives here, however the Big 10 lags behind the rest with only Mike Conley on the squad.

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