2008 National League Award Show Predictions

Monday, March 31, 2008

Just a reminder that I did absolutely miserable with these predictions last year. But alas we shall predict err make an educated guess at these things.

MVP - Aramis Ramirez, Why? Fuck if I know. I just wanted to be out there. And wanted to pick someone on a team that I think will do good. Ramirez is surrounded by great hitters and if he stays healthy could hit 40 homers and hit .310 with 120 rbis. Sure there's no speed and his glove isn't the greatest but if he puts up great numbers and the Cubs win the division, he'll have a chance. Plus, last year one of my keepers Rollins won, so perhaps

Cy Young - Johan Santana, Way to go out a limb on this one. But come on his team has a solid offense and he'll end up with about 240 strikeouts and an era at worse in the low 3s. He's a safe bet here and much like mike chalktastic bracket sometimes you just have to go with the common senser.

Coach of the Year - Lou Piniella, Again the Cubs have a big season and the awards will flow to them based on their clubs mystique. A lot of teams have high expectations and the coach of the year typically goes to a team in the playoffs so with no real under the radar teams Sweet Lou has as good a chance as any.

Rookie of the Year - Kosuke Fukudome, The NL rookies aren't very good this season and most of the impact guys got sent down so we shall go with another Cub in Fukudome. This is a tough call considering he will probably have the best numbers given his experience, yet there is a big time anti-Japanese import bias when it comes to rookie of the year voting.

Comeback Player of the Year - Nick Johnson, I think he should get bonus points for just how bad he blew out his knee two summers ago. Plus he's already got an rbi, so this is probably a pretty safe bet.

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