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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Over the past few days there have been two topics that people seem to be getting upset about for absolutely no reason at all. I figured now would be a good time to rant about them.

Billy Crystal Playing for the Yankees

I really think the only reason this is even slightly a story is because of the hatred many people have for the Yankees. Else it makes no sense. It's not as if this is the first time this has happened and really it effects no one at all. It's not like Billy Crystal playing the outfield for 2 innings is going to deprive Bobby Abreu practice he desperately needs. Or deprive a kid from proving he needs a roster spot. It's not as if that would be the only time available during the entire spring.

Additionally, if you haven't noticed Billy Crystal is at a ton of games. He is a renowned fan. He did make a motion picture completely about the Yankees. And it was Derek Jeter's friggin idea. It's not like they're looking for publicity or anything, they just wanted to give a birthday present to a friend and a huge fan. Who the hell cares. If you say you wouldn't want to suit up with your favorite team for a few innings in spring training than you're probably lying to yourself.

And as a whole it makes no sense why so many people care about Spring Training at all. Spring Training is televised practice that you can attend if you want to pay for it. It's practice that's it. It's honestly not different than an inter-squad game or fielding ground balls. It in the long run is meaningless. If you can name the Spring Training record of your favorite team or any other team for that matter in any previous season you are a flat out loser. Find something to do with your life.

Dwayne Wade Calling it a Season

Can we all agree that there is a major difference between vying for an NBA title or a playoff spot and being the worst team in the NBA? There's obviously an inherent benefit to playing injured or hurt if you are pushing for success and no real benefit if your team is all but eliminated from the postseason. I think this is something that everyone should be able to agree with quite easily.

With that agreement in place, how could you be upset with Dwayne Wade calling it a season and attempting to get back to play for the US team in the Olympics. The Olympics happen once every four years. Only 12 players make the team. It's not like this is an opportunity that comes along every day. Why shouldn't he try to get healthy for that? Simply because when you bought Heat tickets in November you bought them with the intention of watching Dwayne Wade? Get over yourself already. You also probably bought them to watch Shaq. He's not on the team either.

The move makes sense for both the Heat and Dwayne Wade. Even if he could play, even if he's only slightly banged up, there is absolutely no benefit for either parties. The Heat just like the Celtics last year and other miserable teams in the past are benefited by losing. The more they lose the better chance they have to garner the #1 choice in the draft.

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